people wud be jealous of u..wud b insecure of ur talents…wud hate u for ur achievements…wud throw tantrums on u..wud becum obstacles of ur path ..wud cause distress ..-its their part of work..and there karma qud definately teach them..!

ur work wud start whn u pay no attention to their tgem and moreover doesn’t make them feel satiafied or committing those stuffs that they expected u to do….unless not cums from ur heart!

listen to everyone but do according ti what ur heart say!!

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Slangs….included in right to speech?

Lem me ask the youth the grown ups..does they read about what our constitution says about our fundamentals rights…?
Does they really in favour of what included in fundamental rights..?
Or are they fully aware of the chapter 3, of indian constitution act1950..?

If yes…then stop being bullied about ur personality..
If aware,.stop being the centre of attractions for the say of ” good at bullying others..”

If averse to usages of slangs…stand against its effect and stop considering it to ur ” right to speech!!”

Sakshi sharma

How girls hostiliers are caged in panjab university..

Sakshi sharma

Cycles of Dieting

An attractiveness essence of a women lies not on her physical apperance but yes lies within her #clean shaven soul#


I don’t like my body.


I’ve always been overweight, and I don’t expect myself to ever reach the hot, buff levels society expects me to be at if I’m to be considered an “attractive” person, but I would like to lose my gut. Over the past year or two, I can really start to feel it weighing me down. It’s getting harder for me to bend over. It’s getting harder for me to move around at work. Hell, it’s getting harder for me to just breathe. I already have enough weighing me down in my own head; the added weight of my stomach isn’t needed.

Dieting is something I feel like I’m continuously on and off with. I always start off the same way. I make a conscious decision that I’m going to start exercising more, eat less, and eat healthy.


I start using the elliptical machine every day or…

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The Things We do for Love (Dirty Jobs: Daughter Edition)


My dad had hip replacement surgery last Friday. The procedure went well, and he was discharged on Sunday, with physical therapy scheduled for Monday. My mom got sick on Sunday night, and couldn’t bring him to his appointment. I volunteered to transport him to and from therapy. He called that morning and explained that he really needed bathing. Could I pick him up early and bring him to my Nana’s house so he could use her walk-in shower? An hour later, we were standing in her bathroom, unloading my dad’s Pert Plus and Irish Spring  from a ratty blue duffle bag.

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